Featuring NBS pianists Peter Colclasure and Jason Grey.

Why do NBS Classes Feature
Live Piano Music in the Classroom?

“Live music teaches dancers that you don’t dance to music, you dance with music. One does not follow the other, one is not more important than the other. It develops a mutual and delicate awareness, says American Ballet Theatre rehearsal pianist Ben Houghton says in an article for Dance Informa.

At The New Ballet School- San Jose, we believe that a classical ballet education is not complete without live piano accompaniment. An experienced ballet pianist contributes greatly to the classroom experience, allowing the teacher to tailor class exercises precisely to the students' needs and abilities, and streamlining the classroom experience for students and teachers alike.

The American Ballet Theater National Training Curriculum explains that the choice of music for an exercise reflects how that step is performed, and therefore affects the muscular and technical development of the student. Being able to precisely choose specific meters, tempos, and dynamics in partnership with an expert musician allows NBS teachers to more carefully train dancers towards a high level of artistry and technique.

At The New ballet School - San Jose we are proud to continue this tradition of classical ballet training in order to provide a comprehensive ballet education. Our students, families and teachers appreciate our exceptional pianists every day in the classroom. Schedule a trial class and see the difference for yourself.

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